About BCFC

Bangladesh China Friendship Centre is a people’s level organization of the Bangladeshi people to promote friendship between Bangladesh and China. BCFC was Formed in 1989 as Bangladesh China Friendship Association Unity Center and renamed in 5th July 1995 as Bangladesh China Friendship Center (BCFC). We are dedicated to promoting Friendship and Understanding at People’s level between Bangladesh and China.

In 1989, the demonstration of Chinese students in Tian-en-men square of Beijing alarmed the friends of China in Bangladesh, that a conspiracy is going on to destroy the People’s Republic of China by the agent of the imperialist powers. At that time the friends of China mostly from the leftist parties were divided in their opinion about China. The leaders and important members of Bangladesh China Friendship Association of that time organize a meeting to support the People’s Republic of China. The friends of China formed a committee in the name of “Bangladesh China Friendship Association (Unity Centre)” and given the call to the people of Bangladesh to stand behind the government of China firmly against the conspiracy of imperialist forces.

The committee members decided that irrespective of difference of opinion we must raise our voice and do whatever possible under the banner of Bangladesh China Friendship Association (Unity Centre) to save the People’s Republic of China. In 1993, the Bangladesh China Friendship Association (Unity Centre) decided to carry forward the efforts of promoting friendship from generation to generation and to organize the Children Arts Competition on the occasion of the founding anniversary of People’s Republic of China. After that, this competition has become a regular event and highly appreciated by the students and the guardians. Bangladesh China Friendship Association (Unity Centre) re-named as “Bangladesh China Friendship Centre” on 5th July, 1995 and the Children Arts Competition was re-named as “Dreamland China Children Arts Competition” from 2012.

We are carrying forward friendship from Generation to Generation for Cooperation for economic development of both countries and strengthening relations for preserving independence and sovereignty. Our members are firmly committed to One China policy and considered Tibet as an integral part of China. Members promote peace and harmony and respect among all nationality and ethnic groups of all countries of the world.

The members of BCFC highly regards the heroes of Chinese revolutionary wars who made supreme sacrifice of their lives in the war of liberation from 1929 to 1949. The member are against all imperialism, colonialism, hegemonism. Members are also against all kinds of terrorism, corruption and unethical practice of society.

Those who believe in above principals are welcome to apply for membership of BCFC. Considering each members performance for one year, their membership will be confirmed.